Location, location , location

Not a record in the community at large, but I am now getting a solid 5 Km link from WA, across the Columbia to OR. The home node is about 150 m above the river and the test site is the South end of the Bridge Of The Gods. The link quality improved with a simple move from LR window to BR window. Both face the same way, about 20 m between them.
The point being that as with many other RF devices, a small change in location can make a significant difference.


So true.

I’ve been doing some work on a house for a friend. It’s right at the edge of the coverage area from home. Usually, I can’t contact home, because it’s one hop too many for our 3-stationary node network.

Twice though, my wife has managed to contact me there. Once, I was rolling into the driveway - a very short driveway (maybe 50’ max?) - and I got the message while I was just crossing the sidewalk, but by the time the truck came to a rest a couple of dozen feet later I could not reach her to reply. I have been able to reproduce this connectivity.

Another time, I was in the bathroom working on the tub. Got the buzz that a message had come through. Again, was not able to send a confirmed message, but I was down on the floor working when it came in and tried replying after I stood up. Unable to reproduce this one via messaging but only tried a couple of times.

A look at the heywhatisthat.com model shows that our home node does have a spike that reaches just about these spots. Move a few feet and bad turns to good in case you’re having trouble with reception around the fringes.


This is why I love the fact that you can MESH! I have a few co-workers that I’m working on getting into the goTenna Mesh movement and they often compare these to FRS radios. I then explain that depending on the environment setting up a relay can help get around dead spots and extend range. FRS radios cant do that.


testing the distance, this was a test between my wife and I. 16 miles!!! no hops just unit to unit. I will be doing some farther distances soon.


What kind of terrain was this? Was it mountain to valley?

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I’m not from Montana but looking at a map, it seems to me that it was.

It is in the Rocky mountains, it was half way up a mountain line of sight somewhat, plenty of trees in the way


Wow! Very well done!

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