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Mesh waitlist and price increase

Dear fellow goTenna Mesh users,

You may have noticed that our product has been on pre-order for the last few months, and some colors are now out of stock entirely and waitlisted. As with many hardware companies, our inventory and shipping have been affected by COVID-19 and global supply chain issues. As much as we want to provide you with an endless supply of goTenna Mesh, we are not impervious to third-party forces outside of our control.

The rising cost of materials, labor, and logistics has caused our pricing to increase. The price increase will allow us to meet unprecedented demand without sacrificing our products’ quality.

Starting January 3, 2022 , our new pricing will be:

2 pack: $179 to $199

4 pack : $329 to $349

8 pack: $579 to $599

Thank you for hearing us out.

We appreciate your continued support.

-The goTenna Team

Thanks for unlocking more supply. Glad to see we are not completely abandoned in favor of military gov stuff. @Alon1

Any meaningful updates coming to the iOS App?

  1. Location is very buggy. It always gets hung up on my location when I first launched the app. After that when I move and send location it sends my old location. Likely a bug introduced in new iOS versions since you last updated the app. Any fixes coming?

Overall my map download / navigation / locate experience is super buggy and unreliable right now. iOS 15.2, 12 Pro.

  1. App is getting quite outdated. A refresh coming? A tab bar instead of the hamburger would be nice. iOS Shortcuts & IFTTT integrations would make life 1000% better. Also a way to keep my GID when I log in and out of different phones would be great. Right now GID members lose all contacts when logged out, but possibility to tie that into an email login would fix this. Any news on SDK?

  2. Any plans to update the hardware to USB-C?

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Thank you for the great suggestions. We just released an update on the goTenna Mesh app for the new year here: goTenna Mesh Road Map Update 2022