Mesh 5.0 is here!


Blinking, blinking, blinking… when my iPhone or iPad goes out of range of one of my goTennas, the new firmware seems to no longer time out the flashing LED… it goes on flashing indefinitely instead of stopping after 5 minutes. Kind of drives me crazy…er. Is there a setting for this, or am I doing something wrong?


Hi @VirginiagoTenna I have two Mesh units and both are the black strap versions I purchased during the Kickstarter campaign. I successfully updated the firmware on one, but the other just continually flashes and won’t pair. Can you give me some assistance? I’m running Android 7.1.1.



When will requests submitted through the form be delivered? I’m hoping to get the replacement before I leave for Burning Man. Thank you.


@JCH sending you a DM to help troubleshoot.


Hi Danielle,

My wife has an iPad. Would that work?




We are processing replacement devices as quickly as we can and in the order that we receive them. If you have already submitted via the form, you should have no issues receiving your devices by Burning Man. If you haven’t received them by the middle of next week, please send myself or @VirginiagoTenna a DM.


I still haven’t received mine. Do you need serials again? Thank you. Leaving Aug 24 for BM.
if there’s any way they could be shipped before then, that would be really helpful.


Curious, short of putting tape over the LED (which I don’t want to do), is there any way to stop the blinking light of the non-connected GTM? I want to leave it “paired” so I can ping it when it is set out as a relay, to ensure it is still on…but the light is bright enough to easily flash through the box I have it in, and bring about unwarranted attention.

Also, what is this talk about the number of hops going back to 3 for non-plus subscribers? I could see maybe increasing the hops from 6 to 8 - 10 for plus users to give them an added bonus, but decreasing the number of hops after pushing that out as part of the free update seems a little…backwards? In addition, can I use the plus subscription across multiple devices at the same time? I bought a 4 pack of GTMs, and have 3 phones connected to them, plus one I plan to use as a relay. Do I have to buy a subscription for each phone, or is there an “up to,” license wise? That could get pricey really fast if it is supposed to be a per phone.


I think a Sharpie mark laid down over the window should reduce the visual signature substantially.


Also, one other thing I wouldn’t mind is to give users the option to opt in/out of shouts, or to “ignore” them for a period of time (perhaps as an additional plus perk), and increase the hops for shouts from 1 to 2 - 3. That way the “shout” will go just a little further, but not so much that it risks the system or becomes annoying. Mountains here block the way, short of going to the front of the holler, no one would ever hear me or I them, but with a relay on top of the mountain, that extra “hop” could make a big difference, or in a city.


There already is an option to ignore shouts, as well as one to block certain users.

As for the LED flashing, for some reason, this new firmware allows the lights to flash indefinitely when in normal mode but disconnected from the phone. I think that if the firmware has control of the red LEDs (though I suspect not), that the red should flash once per second if disconnected after a phone has been connected since last power up, but if turning on without connecting the paired phone, then flash the white for 5 minutes then go dark like they used to.


MrTSolar is correct. Look in Settings>App Settings>Chat Settings and you’ll see where the Shouts reception switch is set.


AFAIK As long as each device is logged in with the same google or apple account they should all see the subscription. The subscription is tied to your login id.


A couple of layers of the frosted Scotch tape should diffuse it enough that it’s not terribly attention-seeking. If it’s still too bright, add another layer. Keep adding until you get the level of brightness you need.


I just spent 13 hours straight yesterday driving around the enitre East + South side of Iceland, and I can concur that if a series of nodes were added at the top of key fjords + the option you suggest for Shouts, it would make blanketing Iceland with coverage a LOT easier.

That being said, there’s an 18km section of the ring road that is very treacherous, soft gravel (especially when wet, as it has been over the last month+), and very very remote. If I were to get a flat tire, or blowout and skid off the road down into a ditch, someone might not find me for days, if at all. I didn’t pass another vehicle in my travels last night for over 10 hours of driving. It’s THAT remote.

Ther’es only 3 nodes in all of Iceland, and 1 of them is mine (to be removed shortly). The remaining two are in Reyjkavik, and not very useful for the other 95% of the continent. Iceland is a place that could definitely benefit from a community-deployed mesh network.



Both of my goTenna Mesh had firmware update error.

However, one of them went through the update cycles few times and now it’s good.

But one of the them now won’t even pair up. The light just kept flashing and the app showing “Looking for Device” trying to pair up.

Please advise on how to fix this issue.

Thanks for your help!


In post 209 in this thread, there’s more info to help. If you want to contact them directly:

They’ll need to know which, iOS or Android, you’re using with the GTM.


Sending you a DM to help with this!


MikeL, thanks for pointing out the post.

Failure during FW update .... now pulsing quickly and no BLE cnx

Phone says it’s updating FW t 1.18. Cant tell the progress or if there is even a progress bar since phone screen is too small. Android V 4.4.4. Need help? or should I just wait? its been 10 minutes.