iOS GPS accuracy


Yes I used to write software.

It’s not just a few pennies, and even if it were it wouldn’t change anything.

It’s the principal of the whole thing. I guess you just are not able to understand that, and that’s ok.


How is location sharing only a “super users” problem???

I love the idea of your product but in reality it has essentially 2 main capabilities for its users that were advertised to the public to to make sales.

1: txting without cellular

2: sharing your position without cellular

If the second biggest selling point isn’t reliable and hasn’t been for quite some time, I would think customers would feel cheated.

I’m not sure focusing on a new product is a reasonable excuse to leave previously loyal customers with a product that now only does 1 of the 2 main promised functions.

If this had been a brief hiccup that would be one thing. But myself and 2 dozen friends and family members have experienced this problem across multiple versions of iOS, different iPhones hardware, several app updates, and at least 3 firmware updates all spanning all the way back to the initial release of Gotenna Mesh. And yet the problem remains.

I think it the only truly honorable thing to do at this point is to either fix it ASAP or give people the option to return their devices for a full refund since the product hasn’t fully delivered what it promised in advertising material.

Personally I would really really like to see it fixed and to have a fully functional product again.

I think fanboys making excuses to downplay a big problem is doing more harm then good.


We’ve already committed to fixing it ASAP. Stay tuned!


Thank you Gotenna for refocusing your efforts on this issue! This is an important and useful feature.

Everyone has a different use case. It sounds like the use case for @ShootAnyAngle may be daily, and in a day where municipal budgets are increasingly tightening (at least in my area). Thank you for your patience, and although you have been waiting for a long time, I hope you hang in there!

We eagerly await the update.


Yes thank you. I was showing a friend the location feature a few weeks ago and it was off by a good amount. Makes it a tough sell to others.


Hi All–We are planning to release a fix for this in the coming weeks. We will ensure that we’re checking for and using the most up to date position when sharing your location, have location tethering enabled, or when the emergency beacon is activated. We will also update our location permissions, so that you can allow iOS to always share your location with goTenna when the app is in the background. You will have to opt-in to this from the iOS settings app, but a shortcut will be available in the goTenna app settings menu.

We expect a release will be available for the Beta community sometime during the week of December 3rd. Thanks again to everyone for your feedback and patience as we roll this out.


Thank you VERY MUCH!! Look forward to the update.


Hi Everyone
We’ve released v5.3.2 in the Apple app store…we’ve fixed a few bugs as well as made some updates to correct location issues for iPhone users. We hope you’ll check it out and let us know if you’re seeing improved location accuracy.

Please note that in the iOS system settings for the goTenna app, you can now set the location permission to ALWAYS. This will help the app receive your location while in the background, which should help improve accuracy.

Open the iOS settings app and then go to: goTenna>Location and then set the permission to: ALWAYS

As always, we appreciate your feedback.



Closing this thread as the new iOS update @MikeR referred to is out and there’s a thread on that here: Mesh 5.3.2 is here!

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