Android App does not update location

So I have been testing with my brother who has an android phone.

He is set to update GPS every 10 minutes and to autoshare with me.

I notice when requesting his location this AM that he shared his location at {present time} but that the Location was recorded at Oct 3rd, 5:44 PM.

Nothing I can do will make his unit freshen his location. I tried updating the GPS setting to always but still no difference even if he initiates the send location it still shows the Oct 3rd data.

Any thoughts?

I believe @Rahul_Subramany is already looking into this issue also reported on iOS devices.

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Open another mapping app like Google Maps, wait a few seconds and tap the gps icon to center on your location. Then try sending that location again on gotenna. Sounds like an issue with location services within the app. I haven’t had an issue with android phones, but, there are a hundred different android phones so not always easy to hunt down bugs…

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@Firqby as Mark suggested, let’s continue this discussion here:

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