How accurate is the location supposed to be?

Silly question i know, but i decided to test the accuracy of location from the app. I switched on the Thing1 and hit location, and it is a bit off (.4 miles), grant it i was in a building on the 4th floor, but a little closer would be acceptable. I am going to test it again later to see if it was just a result of me being inside

The accuracy of your location is 100% dependent on your phone’s location services (GPS and/or WiFi/Network).
0.4 miles off sounds a little too high. Keep us posted on how it looks once you are outside.


To clarify what Rahul said, goTenna Mesh does not have an onboard GPS chip. The goTenna app uses the GPS on your phone when sending locations. So this has more to do with your phone; nevertheless your phone’s GPS will be more accurate in the outdoors of course.

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using a iPhone 7 mine shows within feet of where I am.


That is weird. Im using a iphone 5s (yes i know behind the times) and it is still weird that its that far off. Retested this morning it improved a little, but as you guys are pointing out it might just be where im at…(in a building and all that)

with the iphones it should give you a blue circle when you look at google maps, or the built in map,
that shows the area it thinks your inside of,… the circle will get smaller as it sees more gps sats,
I would guess where you are inside a building if you pull up the map app in your phone, it will have a fairly large circle?