How Many People in The Seattle Area Have GoTenna Mesh in Hand Right Now?


If you have it holler at me. Let’s Moan / DASS-RS it! :metal::point_up::vulcan_salute::facepunch::pray::wave::clap::pray:


My GID is 12064888987 or 2064888987. Holler! Radioactive in 5 min.


I’m hoping to see more people in the DMV area with it…right now the congestion at least in my neck of the woods is giving me around a .02 mile range. It’s not the easiest to pull off testing solo though.

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That almost seems impossible (not saying it’s actually impossible; just a turn of phrase!) given even in our hometown area of downtown Brooklyn (super-dense urban, high buildings, etc.) we get usually at least 0.25 mi point to point. How have you been testing?

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Right now my test was putting one on my balcony which is on the 6th floor and having it auto send the location to my device I was carrying. It’s definitely not LOS and the radio has to hit about 6 buildings before it gets close to where I was. It was a bit of a quick test on a Friday evening on my way to a local brewery is about .1 miles away walking.

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Ok so you’ve only tested once? Still seems low. Keep trying :wink: Thanks for details.

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I definitely will be! It worked fine at the Renaissance Festival and camping this weekend out in Annapolis which is what I was in a rush to get mine for, just where I live it didn’t give me ideal range, but at the same time, as of right now with my proximity to the capital, I’m not as worried about the infrastructure failing like I would have been if I lived in FL still or up in NYC.


Just a heads up- there is an iOS bug where auto location send stops sending but I haven’t been able to reliably duplicate it. What I do for range testing is set up a private chat and then as I walk ping the base unit. If it gets through, send a location to mark where you could get a signal. Good luck!


I did some testing this weekend and I may have experienced this as well. I am going to ask the user if they stopped auto location.

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@dbfish iOS operating system, sends the goTenna app a location update only when your location actually changes (after including GPS error compensation). Hence you may not receive automatic location updates if you don’t move more than 10 meters away from your previous location.


@Rahul @michaelryap may be good to rethink UI around this given the way this feature works is not clear to some users?


@danielagotenna yes!


I’ll do more testing when the weather lets up, but my furthest message was just under 600m point to point. Probably about as good as I’ll be able to get given the topography and lack of repeaters. Ideally, I’d like to be able to reach from my home in Belltown to my office Downtown (0.7miles away) - but that’d require a repeater somewhere high up. The downtown Seattle map looks pretty sparse for dedicated repeaters - it would be nice to get some high up in some of the new highrises.

edit: More thorough testing last night: got decently reliable messages at around 800m. AWK replies were spotty, but most messages did get through. Reached out to a buddy whose place nearby in a highrise to see if I can buy a repeater and battery pack for reliable repeater. If he agrees, that should get me decent coverage from work to office. Just need to buy a couple repeaters, power and cables.