How do I see how many nodes are registered (actual number?)

@anon62894636; @danielagotenna Wondering where on the node map I can click to see how many nodes are registered in an area, such as the continental U.S.? I saw this once before, but can’t remember how to get back to it. Also - I’m curious as to roughly how many goTenna Mesh units have shipped to date. I’m guessing most of them are not registered and therefore are not shown on the map.

I think what you’re looking for with the node count can be found on the upper right of the map. There are three circular buttons in a vertical row, click on the lower of the three and it will bring up the current node count.

As with most consumer self-reporting, the map likely suffers from considerable under-reporting. I suspect that most nodes are not represented on the map. Still it remains useful in showing how widely adopted goTenna is and where mesh can be found.

Hello! So you have to be logged in to see the node count. Once logged in, go back to the map and you will see a third orange circle shown in this image. Click on that circle and it will give you the total node count. It does not show the number of nodes displayed on the screen.

Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!


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Hi Nate,

Thanks for your quick reply! Just wondering if you can share with me roughly how many goTenna Mesh units are out there. I understand that the 12,249 number is small, because it’s only people who have self-reported. I’m just curious as to roughly
how many of these units have been produced and are out in the field.

Thanks in advance for whatever info you can give me.


Duluth, GA


It’s a valid question for sure. I do not have the answer at this time. If I get one/find one, I’ll shoot it up on this thread!

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There are over 100,000 consumer units in the field, though we can never know how many are actively being used (or have ever been used).

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