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Hawaii goTenna Mesh users let's do a monthly test

In Hawaii, every month on the first business day the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) does a Civil Defense siren test at 11:45 a.m. HST with the next test Tuesday (June 1). I wanted to see how well the Mesh works so I’ll be sending out a public Shout on my GoTenna Mesh at the start of the test. I live near Market City in Honolulu (though I may be out in town) so if you’re available fire-up your unit and let’s do a monthly test to coincide with HI-EMA.

I will send the test to coincide with the CD sirens, I will also broadcast my location so folks who get the message will have an idea of their reception.
#hawaii #oahu #test

Sent test shouts, no response. Will repeat next month 11:45 a.m.HST on July 1, 2021.