Long Beach, California (The Peninsula) Now a goTenna Mesh Ambassador City!

Mesh enthusiast Mark Brown is spearheading an effort to integrate goTenna Mesh into his Long Beach Community Emergency Team (CERT) activities on the Peninsula. The Peninsula is a small enclave in Long Beach that is located along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. They have 16- blocks + The Park at the South End of the Peninsula to cover.

The CERT program is an active group of residents who participate in various activities like weekly Radio Check-in (FRS/GMRS), emergency street drills for earthquake preparedness, and regular classroom meetings to review things like How to enter a compromised building, Field medical training and much more.

They want to integrate the Mesh and augment the FRS/GRMS radio Network they have now.

Welcome, Mark and his team! If you are in Long Beach reach out here to help grow the network and #meshmytown.


Thank you for supporting our efforts. If there are any gotennis enthusiasts in the Long Beach area please reach out so we can expand our reach.

Thank You Christie & Gotenna.


Good luck on your efforts. I retired from Torrance Fire Department where I was a CERT instructor. Nice to see activity along these lines. I have 8 MESH units that I now longer use and would be willing to sell to someone in your area. Let me know if interested.

Hey Steve: let’s talk this weekend. My cell is 562-857-2646 and see how we can find new homes for your mesh units

Looking forward to talking this weekend. Is there anytime better for you to talk on Saturday?

Hey Steve:

I am tied up with a work thing until about 2pm Sat. Feel free to call me after 2pm or send me your cell and I can call you. What’s best for you?

Will try after 2p. Thanks


Just got my first pair of devices. Looking to build a relay station near the Ocean and Shoreline.

Welcome to the Gotenna Long Beach thread. Give me a call or try sending a message via your gotenna mesh. Add my name to your contacts with my cell as the GID#. 562-857-2646.

I have 2 relays active on the Peninsula and a number of users actively testing. Lets see if we can reach each other. I usually am testing in the early evening about 6:30-7:30pm while walking Charlie. Text me and we can test.

We recently were able to add a new Stakeholder in the Seal Beach area about 1.10 mile East of the Peninsula. This now adds Seal Beach to our list of nearby communities who are showing interest in staying connected. This was done without a relay. We have also added the Naples Island community which is less than a mile across the Alamitos Bay.

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