Good day meshers!
I’m looking to track my movements remotely using Mesh and alerting when out of range to map out dead zones. I have 100acres to cover and I’d like to know where I’m crossing borders - if at all. Hoping for MDM/APRS type functionality with allowed zones and out of bounds. I’m in cell phone dead spots, but the gps should still work. I know that it’s not designed for this, but I’m hoping for dev access if available.


Greetings @Nymus.
Our current SDK for goTenna Mesh, does not support goefencing, MDM or APRS. An option you could consider is to use another API for location based events and use goTenna Mesh for comms.
Here is a really good one for you to check out:


Also just FYI, we expect the goTenna Mesh SDK to be out by late August.

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You can start mapping out dead zones from day 1 by using the Gotenna Plus location-tethering feature.

Put a base unit at home, travel with a phone paired to mesh set to record your trip on the map and also auto-send location every 1 minute to the base unit. At the end of the day, you’ll have a map full of pins successfully sent to the base unit, and can compare that to the track recorded on the remote unit to see where range dropped off.


Thank you all! Gotenna plus looks promising for me!

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