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Gotenna & Helium, a match made in heaven?

I think Gotenna Mesh should be updated to be compatible with Helium hotspot devices.

Both networks would benefit from this. The Gotenna Mesh network would benefit by gaining a bridge to the internet and more relay nodes to further extend communications. And the helium network could benefit if Gotenna Mesh relays were able to help pass along small bits traffic between helium hotspots that are not in range of each other.

This would be very useful for improving coverage for emergency communications.

Both devices operate on the 900MHz ISM band and both at very slow baud rates. Compatibility might be possible if both companies worked together to update their firmware & software to work together.

If you compare the helium network map to the Gotenna Mesh map it’s obvious how they could really help each other fill in the coverage map:

Helium is a gas. If you refer to anything else, more info will be necessary.