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Why isn't GoTenna working with SKi Areas, Mountain organizations?

I do not understand why GoTenna is not working with these groups. A lot of them have permanent structures in the middle of nowhere where goTenna would be most useful as emergency contact/Relays.

Ah, you haven’t read far enough back in the archive here:

Most ski areas are like other organizations that serve the public. They respond to requests from their customers. When you hit the slopes, ask about whether they have goTenna Mesh coverage. The more who ask, the sooner this will happen.

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Talk about slow going. goTenna should be approaching these places and mountain organizations (which are usually non profits) about setting up stationary repeater nodes in their areas.

Speaking on my own, but with insights gained from being a Neighborhood Ambassador of Mesh, if there was a local partner who stepped forward and wanted to work with goTenna on developing a network to serves the slopes and the town, they may find that sort of development work beneficial to serving community needs.

A slope operator who wants them only needs to grab a few pairs and set them up with some good power. In that case, it makes business sense to simply pull out the card and get going. Or they might encourage forming a community group to put up a network by offering their help with it. That’s why I suggested guests inquire with the operators they use.

goTenna is a small company that has to employ its resources carefully. Users make all the difference here, as the more users, the stronger the mesh. And it’s also the case that the art of setting up stationary relay nodes is a bit of a hack, because it depends on a device optimized and produced originally for mobile use. How this gets done successfully depends a lot on having local partners who may take very different paths to accomplishing the same task. Thus the role of the knowledgeable local is important to making things work, because goTenna can’t afford to send out “mesh evangelists from the home office.” They depend on the enthusiasm of users to spread the word along with some focused marketing that has to get by without a Super Bowl commercial-size budget. For being on the market less than 2 years, I think this strategy is working. I’m sure they’d welcome whatever help users can give. by mentioning it when they hit the slopes.

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