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GID name not showing correctly on map

I think I found a bug, but not sure if it happens to someone else.

Say I have a GTM with a GID, and a friend has his with a GID as well. Pretend they registered that GID with their name in the registration process, for the example’s sake “Nicholas”. I start a conversation with the GID, message shows up on his device, all good. In the conversation window I hit the person profile on the top right corner and rename the GID to whatever I want, for example “Nick”. So I have a conversation with “Nick” now and I see that instead of the GID. All good.

When the person shares their location in the conversation, I hit the three dots on the top right corner and select “show map”. The dot that I see with the location of the other person doesn’t say “Nick’s last location”, it says “Nicholas’s last location”. In this specific example it’s not a big deal, but if the person wrote ABCDEF instead of their name because they didn’t want to put their actual name during the registration process I would see “ABCDEF’s last location” instead of whatever I named that person on my phone.

I would think this is a bug? The whole point of having the option to rename a contact is to be able to identify them however I want, and that would include their name in the location on the map… right?

Can anyone replicate/confirm this?


Hello Jack,

This feature is not a bug. Map displays user’s GID that he/she chose when registering on their end user device. Chat displays contact name that you gave that user when saving it on your device. Hence, GID doesn’t change on the map, even if you save it under a different name.

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Thanks for the reply, Naz!

Then I guess then I have a feature request:

If a contact’s GID and their contact name don’t match, show the contact name on the map.

What’s the point of being able to label, rename or add a contact name to a GID if I can’t find them this way?

If I have three friends all named John and they all registered their GID as “John” because that’s their name but I saved them as “Johnny” “John F.” and “J.C.” because that’s how I identify them, I would like to see the names I gave them, not three "John"s on the map.




That is a fair point and makes perfect sense. I will push this to our Product team for consideration.
Appreciate your feedback.

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