Way to copy/send. GID in program?

Is there anyway to easily copy the GID? Or must it be screenshotted to be sent easily to anyone or manually wrote down.

Easiest way is just to do a global message send and add from there?

Typically, people send a short Shout out and you then enter it into the Contacts via a menu dialog you can do with it, filling in what info has not been added to this entry.

UPDATE: searching shows shout will not hop. Only the first GTM hits.

This works however if I have people buying them and coming to my location I want easy way to share GID with them. Also there’s no way to copy any GPS coordinates from program which seems pretty insane. Have to screenshot etc and can’t export to gps mapping programs.

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Also correct. Shout is also in the clear/not encrypted. It’s intended to aid the user in situational awareness, i.e. what is going on around the local area, when others cooperate by responding.

If you Shout to these new users, you can then give them a short tutorial about using that message to find the UID (in the clear) from a Shout, then how to add it to their address book/ (and maybe to delete it.also.)

Keep in mind that this system is designed to support privacy and anonymity to a considerable degree, as well as being simple and effective within minimal bandwidth. Plus the maps are specifically designed for offline use. I can’t speak to the tradeoffs needed to support the current system or what changes may come in the future. I know sharing Lat/Lon is something that has seen some demand so it may happen.,

the fact you cannot simply COPY the GID for easy sharing or attaching to contacts in your list is pretty maddening.

I am designing a 2-5 hop situation in some areas and if I get someone to get a new device and i dont have their phone number or they use a GID the fact you MANUALLY have to type it out is maddening.

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