Displaying more detail on timestamps in gotenna mesh app

I’m looking at location shares in the GoTenna Mesh app and recording data. The time stamps don’t match up to what I expected, but also don’t say if they are UTC from the zone the location was marked in, or converted to my current time zone from the system clock.

I’d prefer it to read the UTC and time from from the location it was recorded at, UTC+2 HH:MM for example. Accurate logs could be useful in many scenarios. Is there an export feature? That would be interesting to be


Here is the behavior I see currently.

GTM A not specifically set to relay mode however powered on.
Device A offline powered down or goTenna software is not running.
Device B via GTM B pings GTM A address.
Device A connects to GTM A, 2 hrs after ping occurred.
Time displayed on Device A of the ping is “now”. not 2 hrs ago when it occurred.

It is the time the ping or message gets to the device receiving device, not the GTM.

Understanding the GTM may not have a real time clock onboard so setting time stamps on the GTM is not likely possible. Could the protocol include a timestamp from the sending device so when device A pulls the messages from the GTM a time stamp appropriate for when the ping/comm actually occurred can be displayed?

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