Digipeter Counter feature?


Just received the Gotenna Mesh in the mail!

I looked around and couldn’t find a topic on this in the forum, but is it possible to add a counter to the app that can inform us of how many third party messages our devices have helped send along the mesh network? Of course, we don’t need details on the messages, but when it comes to placement of relay nodes, it could be useful information to know how many times fellow meshers have found it useful.



YES! Let’s call it a karma mesh counter? :slight_smile:


Karma mesh counter sounds awesome! :smiley:


@santiago2274 great idea!
We will look to add this feature in a future app update. One concern I have is people turning off their goTenna Mesh devices thinking that other users Meshing through their devices depletes their battery.


If we do the UI right around this there’s no reason people shouldn’t know otherwise :wink:


On the contrary more information is almost always better if presented the right way :wink: it would be useful to know if a battery or solar powered node was being used a lot to make sure it had enough power available to recharge. Can we log battery and temperature while you are at it? Nothing crazy just every 15 minutes. :wink:


I actually signed up just to suggest this feature. It would be incredibly helpful. If I knew I was relaying messages for others I would be more inclined to always power up my mesh antenna, even when I’m not planning on using it to communicate.


One concern I have is people turning off their goTenna Mesh devices thinking that other users Meshing through their devices depletes their battery.

I understand the concern, but if there’s one thing I’ve been delighted to learn from reading this forum, it’s that the folks here earnestly want to be a part of something that helps others. They want to see how far their devices can communicate so that others, like them, can talk further away.

For folks worried about battery life, your first version of Gotenna is the device for them. For folks building a network for everyone, Gotenna Mesh is the choice. :slight_smile:


@santiago2274 My eyes nearly welled up with joy :wink: #imeshyou


I’d love to know if my units help others span a gap. Perhaps hide the stat under an “Advanced” menu or something. Word it something like, “Your Mesh has helped XX messages reach their recipient.”

Perhaps have the counter live in the Mesh unit’s firmware and store the value on-board (persist through power cycles but be user resettable). That way, stationary nodes can keep a count on how useful they are regardless if there is a paired phone, and it can be reset if the Mesh unit moves/changes roles.


One possible way to present this information might coincide with an improved battery stats screen. In my imagination, I would see a “Message’s Relayed” infobox on the About screen along with the firmware revisions. Showing both “Since Pairing” and “Since Power-on” numbers. And to prevent the battery concerns, something like the Android battery info screen.


Good news everybody here: @santiago2274 @femmesh @dbfish @Garrett @MrTSolar @akraut! We’ve been talking about a feature of this sort since before goTenna Mesh was even a prototype… but all of your noted interest in this has pushed it to top of our list of features we plan to roll out early next year. :slight_smile:

Paging @michaelryap (product designer) & @Rahul_Subramany (product manager) so they can learn more about what you guys are looking for as they dive into spec’ing out this feature. :wink:

In other words, keep your ideas on this coming!!


I’m glad you are planning this feature. I think it’s important so we can better evaluate placement of devices. We can do all of the testing/planning we want but it’s impossible to know the impact without actual deployment in real use cases.


Nice thinking, @akraut! @Rahul_Subramany and I will consider this in future redesigns.


I’m so glad to hear that this is a high priority! I’m planning on setting up two stationary relays (home and work) and look forward to seeing how useful they are!

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Hi! @Rahul_Subramany is this coming out soon? What’s the ETA on this awesome, awesome much-requested feature?

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@femmesh we will be rolling out features discussed here in the upcoming months. Watch out for the next major update to the app coming out in March/April. We are planning on adding the ability to track stats such as ‘How many messages did I send via relays (Meshed messages)?’.


Out of curiosity, have these features been deployed yet? I have several stationary nodes and have no idea whether they’ve ever relayed anything (other than my own test messages) and would be really happy to find out.

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The groundwork has been laid, but the full set of features awaits a future update. It’s near but not quite here yet.