Data sheets for Mesh and Pro

Hi !

I contacted the support for this last week but I seemed to have been forgotten (no worries).

I’m having trouble finding any form of data sheet for goTenna Mesh and Pro, would you guys be able to provide me with that ? (frequencies used, transmission power, receiver sensitivity, battery life, case durability grade, as much info as possible).

I’m part of a similar research project (Serval Mesh Project at Flinders Uni South Australia) and I’m currently doing a big survey on off grid communication systems and these specs would help !

Thank you in advance.

Welcome YB,
There is a bunch of documentation here for both Mesh and Pro:

Note that some of the files are the original submissions, while others are the revised and updated files. Freqs and other technical info on the radio part of things are included.

Battery life depends on what mode the unit is placed in and how much traffic it handles. Typically it is around 24 hours.

The case is welded together and rather durable. I did crack one open by accidentally running over it with an 80 series Land Cruiser.

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