Current (2021) status of txTenna project

Hi, I’m interested in the txTenna project and wondering if anyone here knows what’s going on with the project at the moment.

  • the original repo on Github (MuleTools) had its last update in February 2019, issues have been turned off and the PR page looks stale
  • of the dozen existing forks, only @rmyers’s one shows any promising activity, and it’s the one that I used for my tests
  • … but even this active fork has the issues page disabled :frowning:

It’s a shame, because I think the project had some decent technical potential, besides the ephemeral PR bullshit. I have a few questions:

  • is the project still actively developed, or maintained?
  • if yes, is it still by the original authors, or is @rmyers the de facto maintainer now?
  • is there any place currently, other than this forum, where txTenna development is being discussed? (technical rather than social discussion)

Any information would be much appreciated.