Columbus, Ohio Mesh Community

Starting a group thread for Columbus, Ohio and surrounding suburbs.
As of 02-2020 I can see around 6 relay nodes self reported and 24+ nodes.

I have no plans to lead a Columbus Mesh community but would contribute to growing our network across the city and surrounding areas.

This is a first step I guess :call_me_hand:


Cool. Good to see new people floating in. Things were starting to get quiet around here.

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I’ve been thinking about getting a couple of these for a couple years, but performance seems to mixed across users. Our interests primarily is for RV travel as cell signal isn’t always the best in some locations and possibly as a alternative comm network for emergencies.

Any input?

I have 6 mesh units from my use they serve my needs, but everyone has their own needs and exceptions. I use my units for skiing most of the time, point to point in the mountain bowls with trees we see about 3 miles, but add other mesh units your range can really expand. Point to Point in flat land wooded areas is about 1 miles.

A surprise use was during an Alaskan cruise a couple of years ago. We had balcony room on deck 9 mid ship. I put a mesh unit into repeater mode on the balcony and we had 3 other units roaming around the ship the only place I couldn’t send a message was in the middle of the ship on the lowest public level. I was amazed how well mesh worked on the ship.

Most place we go these days cell phone service is really good, but when we need to split up and phone service is bad gotenna mesh is our go to comms.

I hope this was helpful.


With an RV, you can mount a telescoping mast to the bumper or elsewhere and get a good signal out using it as a base. I have such an arrangement on my Land Cruiser, which puts the waterrproof box that holds the goTenna Mesh about 15 feet above the ground. I use one of those painter’s extendable handles, like used for rolling paint on ceilings, etc and bend the metal handle into a hook to use to hang a waterproof box from to hold your GTM.

This is the “big stick” disassembled.

And the mast erected for use.

I’ve also used this rig in Michigan’s UP to boost a cellphone up that high for reception in fringe areas so that others in the camp can use it as an internet hotspot when reception at ground level was bad or nonexistent. You could also do both if you have two of the waterproof boxes to use on the pole.


Wow my husband has designated me to figure this out. We got it last year after the tornados messed us up in Dayton.

It’s really hard getting the family on board when I cannot answer any questions. I need a book