Burningman 2018


@danielagotenna Oh yes, I’ve used Mesh before, I forgot to mention this. I do confirm that it does meet our use case. I’m planning to work with the deaf camp (Da Dirty Hands), as well as 3 other camps (Que Viva, Fuego, and Camp Mystic, and maybe Badlands and/or Janky Barge) on this if we’re able to make this happen.

The biggest barrier to communication for us as Deaf people is that most of the methods that work for the average person are voice-based, or otherwise not accessible. We would be using this to maintain a communication link between the primary Deaf camp (Da Dirty Hands) and “satellite” pockets of Deaf folk at other camps. Da Dirty Hands is the original and longest-running Deaf camp. I’m planning to encourage Deaf burners to use these links to help schedule and work out interpreting services for various camps.

Thanks for working with me on this so far! I forgot to mention that I’m also a software (and sometimes hardware) engineer so I’m able to troubleshoot and definitely explain/onboard folks, smile.

Radar Project for Burning Man on Icarus

@anon62894636 @danielagotenna
sorry to bother, but a lot of East Coast burners and rangers are going off grid in the next few hours to start the trip out to the desert. Could you kindly confirm / deny whether these are good versions of the latest available app? Do you happen to have an MD5 hash of a legit copy for people about to disconnect?

Are these acceptable to use for camp admins to share?


alternatively, would you mind kindly providing a link to the downloadable redistributable .apk file on your website or Fdroid?

Anyone with advice on offline install on iOS devices?

FYI previous thread on an artcar Gotenna mesh project. Worth reading.


@tcolligan & @Warren_R can you confirm?

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Hi, I will bring 4 goTenna Mesh for me and my 2 mates. 4th should be a relay.
I don*t know yet where our camp will be. virgin :wink:
Just upgraded the firmware and downloaded the maps
Will check out Jorge
Greetings ingoschi from Berlin, germany


Yes, camp admins can download 5.0.2 mesh app apk file and share.


@campfire This sounds like a particularly promising candidate for my 6 donated Mesh devices! When you have more details on confirming buy-in from these camps (are they all deaf camps?) & how they’re gonna be used — let me know! Also, when do you go offline and where are you located? (Helps to understand when drop-dead ship date should be.)

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@SillyHaole The MD5 Hash of the apks from both websites look good to me, and the cert used to sign them appears to match what I have for the official PlayStore app as well, so they look like legit copies.

The legit md5 hash of the current PlayStore apk is d5fc4eb7d8a1e934c9add5fe0df12437.


You can also pull the apk directly from your Android device using adb (in the Android SDK), and share it with others that way, if you want to be sure you are absolutely passing out the right version.

Here’s how:

$ ./adb shell pm list packages | grep gotenna

This will give you the package name (you can also get this with an app like “APK Info” or “Apk Analyzer”).

We need to know the full path where the above package name (‘com.gotenna.gotenna’) was installed on your individual device.

$ ./adb shell pm path com.gotenna.gotenna

Now let’s pull it from the device and save it to a local file you can put on a USB key or email to anyone, or simply use it to upload to other devices (I’ve wrapped the command here because this forum doesn’t provide horizontal scrolling):

./adb pull '/data/app/com.gotenna.gotenna-19lXt1zASo3J2wJvWBYvRg==/base.apk' \ 
      goTenna-5.0.2_$(date +%Y-%m-%d).apk

This will save it to a file called: ‘goTenna-5.0.2_2018-08-21.apk’ and in my case, that resulting APK has a sha256sum of:


To install this on multiple devices, just do the following, from a connected device:

$ ./adb install goTenna-5.0.2_2018-08-21.apk

If you have multiple devices, find the one you want with:

$ ./adb devices
List of devices attached
9389db314a52094f41	device

Then pass the ‘-s’ option to adb to install it to that specific device, as:

$ ./adb -s 9389db314a52094f41 install goTenna-5.0.2_2018-08-21.apk

Hope that helps, good luck!


ROCK ON! Thank you this will make it much easier for onboarding on the playa.


Have to be brief but got confirmation from three camps and the Deaf camp. I’m early arrival so if we want to do this we need to move quickly. How do you want to move forward?

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@campfire DM me and we’ll figure things out!

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@danielagotenna I can’t seem to find a DM feature here, can you email me at bobby at cox dot io? Thanks.

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Click on her name and in the popup top right “Message”

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Yeah, I’ve spent some time looking for that feature but it seems missing for me. In the pop-up you mention there’s no Message link or button. Nor on her direct profile either. It’s odd because it does seem like there should be.


I’m guessing it’s because I’m a new account. There’s probably some kind of grace period, or some kind of limitation for new accounts.


@Cardinal thanks for your help! @Campfire & I have connected!

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This is an awesome thread. I’m bringing two GoTenna Mesh devices. Will you be at BM, @danielagotenna ?
I would love to meet you if so.
I was recently issued US Patent #9,767,677 for an emergency response platform, and would like to ensure it works off the grid with your devices. I plan to have a conversation with the Burning Man comms team after BM takes place, so we can test it out for next year.

I have an interesting story as someone who served as an Officer in the US Marine Corps, trained police officers at the Pentagon, filed for a patent to improve response times in emergency situations, randomly died briefly from a cardiac arrest at a 10K, was revived after 2 minutes of CPR by two nearby nurses, and then realized the platform didn’t need to just be for law enforcement and could be better served to assist in medical emergency situations to identify and dispatch nearby first responders (including basic CPR trained bystanders).

Every minute that passes in a cardiac situation brings the victim 10% closer to permanent loss of life unless CPR is rendered in a timely manner.

When you call 911, the average response time is 10 minutes and it can be an hour or more in remote / rural areas. The average violent crime or cardiac arrest takes just 90 seconds to occur.

I think we would have a great dialogue. See you on the playa! Email me and I’ll send you contact details for a link up. prescott@iquro.com

Semper Fi,
Prescott Paulin
Founder, Mayday Alarm


There, FTFY. :smile:

Congratulations on the patent, by the way!

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I won’t be going to BM but @Austin_Vance from our team will reach out shortly if he hasn’t already to connect & learn more about everything you wrote about here!


I am writing an android app that will use gotenna to track art cars as they drive around on a radar screen. We have about 8 devices and will have them spread around. Still programming so not sure if I can pull this off in time but it is almost done. Does the sdk support location tethering or do I have to setup my own broadcasting?