Burningman 2018


Glad to see this thread. I will note down those taking Mesh units and try and look for you. I still need Mesh user 101 education. lol I have two units and was going to set one up where I end up camping which I hope will be close to the bus depot.

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Welcome to the Mesh World! :sunglasses:

You’ll want to set up your phone you’ll be using with the app for it while you can still get a good signal for the download. You may also want to get a set of maps at this point. You get a 30-day free trial of goTenna Plus, so take advantage of the opportunity to grab the topo maps it offers. You may also get Firmware updates for the units when you pair to them. Pair the first one, check and install the Firmware update, then unpair per the instructions in Settings, the pair to the second GTM and do the same for it.

This way, you’re set with the latest goodies, including 6 hop capability.

You can also use your second GTM as a repeater/antenna, by putting it into Relay mode and setting it up in a high location as best you safely can. It will give you a nice range outbound for your second hop, as well as relaying messages for others.


Are there different apks for different phones and platforms (e.g. x86, arm, arm64, different DPIs), like Google does with many of its apps? Cause the MD5 for my goTenna 5.0.2 (version code 160) apk from the Play Store on a Pixel 2 XL on Pie is d7ce43c86f41287b03d5cd82bd783dba


The APK I just pulled from my device yesterday (using the instructions I posted above), resulted in:

MD5 (goTenna-5.0.2_2018-08-21.apk) = 5f17f1e17b2be1b7207f471f940cb652

The device I have with me this week is an SM-G892A (Samsung Galaxy S8 Active), which has an 8-core ARM64 Snapdragon 835 in it. I can’t speak to the Pixel 2 XL and what its capabilities are, as I don’t have one of those.

As long as what you download from the Play Store and then pull from your device to a file on disk is clean, it shouldn’t matter at that point what the end-user device is, as long as it is capable of installing and running the APK after you push it to the device with adb.

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The Pixel 2 XL also has a SD835, and I think similar DPI as the S8 Active. It does seem there are at least 3 different apks for 5.0.2, I’d still like to know what’s the difference. The end device could matter if the minimum API level is different (I think Facebook does this), or even the target API. Different DPI could make for UI glitches as well.

Maybe different regions? I’m in the U.S.

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Prescott - congrats on being issued the patent, fantastic use case! I sent you an email to connect, and look forward to hearing about BM.


I just started packing, and didn’t realize this forum existed until now. Really excited for improved communications this year! This is going to be a much better burn for those who have a goTenna with them! I’ve been working in the rampart emergency room at Burning Man for the past six years, and although the EMS service has their own radio network of communication, no one else on the flyer is able to tap into that to alert them of emergencies. So obviously responses can sometimes be a bit slower then desired. This year I am going to be coming in a trong with a goTenna for me and three other docs who will be working there. Looking forward to experiencing how this mesh network improves things at the burn!


If you can’t find a Ranger or ESD, and can’t get a signal for 911 voice call, of if you are hearing impaired @campfire and can’t reach out to Rangers via MURS on channel 5 (154.600 MHz, CTCSS/PL 97.4), you may be able to TEXT 911 in Washoe County, Gerlach, or BRC.

For those not aware, if you subscribe to GotennaPlus ($9 a year) or have installed Gotenna app within 30 days, there is a 30 day free trial of SMS relay which lets you send a Gotenna sms text and/or gps. If anyone within 6 hops does have cell, wifi, or sat service, the message can relay to ANYONE in the world even if they don’t have a Gotenna device. THIS IS ONLY ONE WAY, NO RETURN MESSAGES, MAY NOT GET CONFIRMATION, NOT TO BE RELIED UPON FOR EMERGENCIES



Hi Mike,

Yeah, I have had my Mesh unit since they were sent out initially. I have already gone through the 30 day trial and down loads and such. My issue is I honestly do not find the unit helpful and I am hoping that is just a lack of understanding it’s full potential. I have tried reaching out on FB to the local group and even here long ago to find ANYONE that could help but have had no luck. Reading BLOG posts does nothing for me as my eyes just roll to the back of my head as it all sound like Chinese to me.

Hopefully, I can spend some time with someone down on the Playa to finally gain an understanding of this tool.




Yeah, sounds like a plan. We all learn differently. As I get older, I learn less every day it seems like. :scream: Once you get someone to show you the ropes, it’ll get more useful for you.

In the meantime, collect the GUID/contact info from everyone you can and add to your Contacts list. You can also send your GUID out via Shouts, which broadcasts directly to all those within range of your goTenna Mesh. The GUID is a lot like your email address, it helps to know what someone’s is, because using a specific address let’s you start using the mesh network’s ability to relay your message out to as many six hops away. If anyone’s GUID becomes a problem, you can block it. Have fun and stay cool!


I have a GID is that the same as a GUID?

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Yes, in this little corner of the acronym-rich tech world.
GID= goTenna ID
GUID= goTenna Unit UID
Sometimes it’s just UID= unit ID


GUID in my world is globally unique identifier. I’ve always found the GID a bit odd.


True, it is that, too.

But it’s not really globally unique in the way it’s implemented in the goTenna Mesh. It can be your cell #, too, so the paired devices are not unique from each other. And some do have multiple devices with the same random number to fit their needs. None of this matters to most users, as they get through to who they want with the right GUID.

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You may want to try uninstalling and reinstalling… not sure, but this seemed to reset the 30 day clock for GotennaPlus SMS relay messaging function trial. Or pay the $9. It opens up a world of possibilities… being able to text anyone even if you don’t have any cell coverage (provided that someone else with Gotenna does). Or, if you are ham licensed, you may want to consider joining the Black Rock Amateur Radio club… only $20 (or whatever you can donate) which allows voip via ham and 911 voice calls. Seems like a good group.


Seems I also can not do “shouts” as my firmware will not update for the units I own. Gotenna is going to replace them. For now, I’ll take the ones I have.


If you can’t Shout, but can receive messages, they’ll still be useful. It’s all about GUID acquisition to have a way to put the numbers with the faces.


have not had a chance to test it out so here is my GID # 1 206 4198 732 if anyone wants to take it down for the playa.

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After reviewing some info to answer this, I see the official term here is GID (goTenna ID) so will stick to that just to avoid confusing the issue.

The random GID that is generated if you go that route is 14 numbers long.

For phone numbers, if that doesn’t work, you you may need to enter a country code first, i.e. 1 for the US so yours would be 112064198732. I don’t use a phone, so am a bit uncertain on this. Anyone know for sure?

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@Campfire sent this photo along before they went off-grid in BRC — with this caption: “Deets, Siren, and Campfire in a Walmart Supercenter parking lot in Reno, NV… holding two gotenna mesh units donated by y’all fine folks. We are all Deaf burners.”