Blockhead's dog's chew toy

Hello there. I hope Tim finds this. I started it as help for a newbe with an interesting unit. I hope that I am not overstepping.

His OP was 12 Jan over in intros.
Has this happened to any others ? Just curious.


The straps are available as. a part from goTenna, per an older thread in the forum.

Not sure about the rest. He said something about it not running, possibly a problem with the power button?

Seems solid enough it should be salvageable. I’m not sure you can come up with a better around-the-house test of the durability of a product than the “chew test.”


FWIW, someone else sent in this photo back in November of a cat who also figured goTenna Mesh was a chew toy (screenshot from our team’s Slack):


Maybe the orange ones taste like dog food and the purple ones are tuna flavored?

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Thanks for the cat toy pic.

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