Battery drain & life?


How long is the estimated battery life, both during use and when the units are shut off? I’m leaving for a trip to BWCA today and charged four units last night. I unplugged my unit around 7 pm at 99% charge. It’s 7:30 am and my paired unit is down to 76% already.

Am I doing something wrong?


My experience is that units powered on and paired will last 24 hours and longer with no use. Use will naturally reduce how fast a full charge will deplete.

Units powered off will hold a charge a month or so I read but have not tested.

Units which are constantly getting into and out of bluetooth range of the paired phone will discharge faster as the flashing light of pairing mode consumes the charge a bit faster.

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That’s correct, your mileage will vary based on use.

I believe they will hold the charge for longer than that… but I’m paging @Raphael and @Jin_Gotenna our hardware engineers extraordinaire to confirm as they understand the LiPo chemistry a whole lot better than I do :slight_smile:


Hi @pathfinder20 @Firqby, the MESH is designed to operate for 24Hrs when it’s powered on. If the unit is powered off and stored in a room-temperature environment, it is designed to maintain above 20% battery charge after 1 year.



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