Mesh battery life vs temperature rating

Hi I am planning on using my gtmeshes this winter skiing at Killington. Temperature there are usually in the mid teens while we are there. I realize that the units are rated to temps below that but I’m wondering what kind of battery life I could expect when operating at around 15f?

We were using them Northern Ontario (Canda) several miles outside of Thunder Bay this past winter for an 4 day long weekend. Day temperature range that we were out in were -12 to -5 deg C (10 to 23 deg F). Within 2 hours, at least one of the 3 cell phones had failed (usually my wife’s as it was out the most often taking pics as well as being the 2nd oldest phone). My son’s and mine, kept in inner pockets and came out for a few seconds every half hour - no issues over 3-4 hours outing twice a day, charging overnight. The gtmesh performed just fine for location tracking, etc as well as seeing where the other two were until my wife’s failed. The weakness in the system was the phones, never the gtmesh.


I just bought a Goal Zero Flip battery (available in 3 sizes) for a backup to my phone or GoTenna when skiing and snowshoeing in cold temps. Small, inexpensive, for those times when “I thought I charged everything.”

My kids and I use them at Stratton all winter long. We can go days without needing a charge on the mesh units. The phones on the other hand…

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