Battery life on stationary relay

I love the idea that i can mesh my town, however i’m concerned about the battery “memory”. Do units plugged in cycle their batteries? DJI LIPO smart batteries do something that might apply. After X days they drain to storage levels appropriate to the battery and then stay there. That level is a “storage level of 60%”, however regular battery cycling is good for most battery tech. I’d love to let my units sit on charger 24/7 unit i go out an about… but 100% charge all day isnt great for most batteries.


Good question!
The service life will still be pretty much the same. You’re adding the stress of being at above storage level voltages, but eliminating the much larger stress of multiple cycles. Ultimately it’s not going to make much difference in the battery health, perhaps slightly improving it.



I got a few ideas on this! One that is VERY simple and the other is complex. I will post the easy one tomorrow!

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For something WAY more easy to build I think this would be great HOWEVER: The external battery I have is WAY to big and WILL block RF. A smaller USB external battery is needed inside this size, I got the perfect one! (see link below the pics)…

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