Relay battery check

Is there a way to check the battery level of a unit that is in relay mode?

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None I’m currently aware of. In relay mode you don’t know the GID… You can’t pair the app… and therefore no way to querythe battery.

That’s something a few of us want them to update.

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The Mesh Developers Tool Kit might be able to do this, IIRC correctly. Otherwise, there’s no native way to do it yet.

Which is why my stationary relay units are paired to an old Android device. The only way I can tell if they are connected and functioning. As they are solar powered and attached to battery packs. I have to ping test them to see if they are up or not. More hassle for me but beats the alternative of having to climb up into the attic to see if they are still alive.

ok then, does anyone know the battery capacity in mAh’s? I am trying to figure out how long one would last in relay mode, and the size external battery I would need to keeo a relay alive for a set period of time. I know a solar panel and battery makes it potentially longer, but seems like overkill for a weekend or week camping trip, where i want to set up temorary permanent nodes for our time there.

@zasta the battery in a goTenna Mesh is 589 mAh. If you have a device that is in relay mode, try pairing your goTenna app to that device. It will report the battery level in the main menu of the app. When you unpair it should remain in relay mode. You can confirm that you’re paired to the relay node by tapping the battery level indicator in the menu of the app when you are paired. This will ping the paired device and make the LED flash. If it is in relay mode it will flash 3 times. If it is not in relay mode, it will flash only once.

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You should get around a day (24 hours) of service from the internal battery. I ran mine last weekend for about 14 hours and ended up at 59%.

I use a battery pack (with solar panel on it) that’s rated at 8000 mAh (but the battery inside is only rated at 7500 mAh) and it lasts close to a week when just plugged in without access to sun on its internal 1.5 W solar panel.

The GTM and battery pack can be packed in separate dry boxes (so you don’t need the battery pack one if for a shorter time, while both can be used for a longer period as needed.)

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