Anyone in nanaimo, bc or Vancouver, bc?

I currently resides in Nanaimo B.C. in Vancouver island.
I am really interested in the idea of the mesh grid and recently purchased 6 devices.
Currently, I’ve set up 2 relay points, I am greatly interested in creating
MOAN type of devices to expand the network but lacks the technical ability to do so.
Can anyone help me with it?

I would like to find more ways to utilize this.

Thank you.

Hi there, I’m in Vancouver and have been meaning to set up a relay, but ran out of time this summer. Looking foward to picking up the ball again in the fall. I have the stuff ready for a simple 1w relay i.e. no extra antenna; now that I’m a HAM (licensed this spring) I’d have to get an advanced cert. in order to customize for a larger antenna.


That’s good to hear.
There are very few relays that are set up in Nanaimo where I live.
I’ve been meaning to take HAM test soon.
Do you mind sharing how you are planning to make your 1w relay?
like which parts and how you are going to create it?