Burlington Ontario


A quick shout out to anyone in this area including Oakville, Hamilton, Milton and Stoney Creek, drop me a line.


My grandmother is from Burlington, Ontario! :slight_smile: (sorry she’s no longer with us so she can’t mesh with you… but hi!)

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Well if you get back to this area, look me up. I’m game to play with these little toys :wink:


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Hi there, I just setup a relay node in Oakville. We just need a few more setup between us and we’ll be able to span the 12km!


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I remember seeing a north Oakville on the node map a while back. I’m in the Millcroft neighbourhood.

Could probably get mine higher too, ie up the chimney or something powered from the ground as solar proven too unreliable by itself. That would increase my range too
Just upgraded to the latest firmware on all 8 of my units too.

Keeping an eye on the “mother of all nodes” to see how they keep that powered long term. I was surprised to find mine was still on and functional. Put up in January and haven’t touched it since. Wished there was a way to pull stats to see how much it has relayed in the past 6 months too


Dave Bour

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I’m in the Trafalgar & Dundas area (pin is on the imeshyou map). Right now my relay (paired) is just hanging in a 2nd floor window which certainly impacts its range especially in a few directions.

I only have 2 GTM right now but i have 2 more on order (Sport Chek $186 cad). Will probably do a drone test to see what sort of range I can get once I receive the other two. I’ll let you know when I do and if you are around we’ll see if a Shout will make it to you. I should only need to go up around 20m to get LOS to you which is well under our 90m CDN limit.

Yes i am following the MOAN solar project, quite interesting and definitely on my list of things to do. Agreed we need some sort of counter/feedback on the number of msgs relayed. This feature would definitely help with expanding the mesh network.


Pinging again to see if anyone out there in Burlington or surrounding area like Hamilton, Milton or Oakville and what they have to extend their range, relay nodes etc

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Pinging again to see if anyone in the west side of Toronto, ie Burlington, Hamilton, Milton, Oakville as well as tweaks for range, relays etc. Also, any other Canadian cities now that I see these in Sport Chek - surely some people locally have purchased these.

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