Android app v5.6.1 keeps crashing, cannot hold connection

In Android 13, the latest GoTenna app v5.6.1 cannot stay running in the background, even when you disable battery optimization and giving all the permissions it asks for.
This makes GoTenna Mesh unusable as you never get a message notification unless you open and check the app constantly.

This has been happening for a while now, and I have a feeling that the commercial side of GoTenna is left to wither and die slowly, but is there any chance getting an update to the app so we can use our GoTennaMesh units properly with Android 13?


Just fired up my gotennas and having the same issue. S23 ultra android 13 and S10 plus with android 12. Both phone not notifying.

start investing into Meshtastic.

$50 units, custom antennas, routers, repeaters, custom Channels/Groups, Auto Ping location maps, Waypoints and more its incredible. sad i never found 3 years ago.