2-Way Handheld Radio (HT) with GoTenna Mesh Built-in

You know,

We have HT’s with DStar, APRS, DMR, and all with GPS built-in. I think it is time to have an HT with GoTenna Mesh built-in. We can already pair our phones to the current HT’s so an HT w/ GoTenna Mesh + GPS + BT should not be too much. :wink: I mean, if Kenwood could build an HT that supports both APRS and DStar, then anything is possible, right?

You can provide an HT for ham use on 2M/70cm (voice), 33cm (digital) using a tri-band antenna (140/440/900) or a commercial radio under Part 90.613-633 (SG117) PLMR non-border frequencies in 800 and 900MHz for voice, and continue using the current frequencies on Part 15 for digital. The same antenna can be utilized for both voice & digital and can have a GPS either built into the antenna or inside the unit itself.

Whuddya think?


In a word: Awesome! Good luck getting Icom, Kenwood or Yeasu to get on board tho. This would NOT be a Baofeng type project!


Brilliant. Iwant to see this in cars and cellphones…

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In a word: Awesome! Good luck getting Icom, Kenwood or Yeasu to get on board tho. This would NOT be a Baofeng type project!

Sadly, I have to I agree with this. One of the most frustrating things about Amateur Radio manufactures is that they keep wanting to do their own thing that’s specific to only their brand. Some of these features have real potential, but if they’re not universally adopted then it becomes unused bells and whistles and my really expensive Yeasu HT is so bloated with unused bells and whistles. And in many cases, if these features aren’t really seen as useful, the manufactures give up on it when the next generation model is released.

This seems more like an avenue that Motorola, Garmin or even Midland might consider for their family two-way radio line, IF they’re each willing to adopt Gotenna’s format, and not muck up the concept with their own versions of the same thing that don’t play well others.


Agreed! While I do own a couple Baofeng, I go for quality over price any day!

That is so true. I do like the new improved InReach Explorer that Garmin took over from DeLorme. I wonder what would it be like if Garmin and GoTenna had a baby HT + Gotenna Mesh. Well, for now, it is just a dream! Maybe GoTenna will surprise us with a v3 Kickstarter of an HT+ GoTenna Mesh next year. (Hey @danielagotenna, just in case it was not obvious enough, that was a hint :wink:)


We hams are clearly on the same page. Sure I have a Kenwood TH-F6A (unlocked) but I just take two Baofengs (w/extra batteries), iMarSat sat phone, Spot Asset Tracker and of course my Gotenna’s (V1 only this last season, but Mesh this one!). Plus my iPhone.

A few weeks ago I dropped a Baofeng off a 130+ tall bridge rappelling, no big deal. But a $300+ radio, that would SUCK!

IMO Gotenna Mesh has the most potential for most people period, that’s why I am going so hard pushing the limits with it. I mean really when SHTF due to something horrible (hurricane for an example) I want to see this device used by the masses.

If you don’t have coms, you don’t have !@#$ (IMO).