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What is Activation and why is it necessary?

Can this device be used by people with tablets (no text messages) or by those who are reluctant to tie a phone number to their device?

I would like to allow my kids, who have only tablets, to use these. As for myself, privacy is important, so not sharing my phone number for something that does not need it, seems optimal.

I am asking because of this Amazon review.

The description of this item says: Chat, Send Texts & Location Information Without Cell Service or Wi-Fi. But it does require a cell services to activate the device. During the activation step you should provide a cell. phone number and they will send you a text message. How can you do this without a cell services? There are no other options available to activate the device (like via e-mail).

You don’t need to activate. You can generate a random id number if you aren’t comfortable using your cell number or don’t have one. Using your cell number requires activation to avoid someone impersonating you. Using your cell number also makes it easier for your friends to find you on the service since you don’t need to tell them your id number.

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