SMS on Stationary Relay via Tablet

Hello. I’m trying to set up what I think might be a use case that hasn’t been considered.

I have an android tablet that is home and on 24/7. It has bluetooth but does not have a GPS (it does have a good approximation of location from WiFi/Google).

Because the tablet does not have GPS, I cannot download the Gotenna App from Google play, with the error “this version is not compatible with your device”. I’m trying to bridge a stationary Gotenna Mesh relay to the internet so that incoming messages destined for SMS will be relayed.

Is it possible to change the device requirements in the Play Store so a tablet that does not have GPS can install the app and set itself up as a relay? I recognize some features (like sending GPS coordinates) won’t work, but that doesn’t seem like it should prevent using the app at all.


I have the same issue with a tablet. However, what I am trying is linking the stationary/always powered unit to my cell phone.I am not sure what effects that has on relay mode. When I go out of the house, and out of range of the stationary unit, I unpair from the stationary, and pair to a different unit with the cell phone. When I am back home, I turn off the unit I took with me, unpair it, and pair back up to the stationary one.

Someone please advise me if that is not a good practice.

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Interesting. I didn’t realize that restriction existed. In fact why do you think the GPS is the issue? What Android version are you running? Does the tablet support Bluetooth Low Energy? That is very different from regular Bluetooth.

I don’t see an issue with what you are doing but I can’t think of a reason to do that either unless it’s just to check on the relay unit. Please get back to us on the why.

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There’s no way I can be absolutely sure what restriction is on the app that prevents me from downloading it (anyone else, please correct me if there is a way to tell). I confirmed the device supports BLE (I even double checked with “BLE Checker” on the Google Play store). It’s running Android 6.0.1 (I wish the manufacturer would release an update, but nothing has come through recently).

You tab sounds fine to me. Your guess about the GPS could be correct but I just don’t know. Gotenna might require the GPS to make sure the correct frequency / power is used.

That sounds like an easy fix if that is the case - @Rahul_Subramany does the Android App Store require GPS to download?

Bypass the Play store by downloading the APK directly here and installing-

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Ok, thanks. Downloaded the apk to my tablet and it is working (using the link you all posted). I have the tablet paired with my HOME gotenna mesh, so I don’t need to keep my mobile mesh on all the time… This will be much easier.What a great crowd!


No, we do not require devices to have a GPS chip to download our app.
@firebasecody what is the Android tablet model you are using?


I can’t speak for @firebasecody, but in my case, I’m using a VIZIO XR6P10 running Android 6.0.1. Yes, it’s a TV remote, but it’s really a fully functional Android tablet first that was marketed as a TV remote. It’s on 24/7 and would be great for this purpose (aways ready to relay an SMS coming through the Mesh network). Unfortunately, the Google Play store doesn’t tell me why it’s incompatible - it just says it is.

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@admpicard999 thanks for sharing your device’s model #.
This helped me dig a little further into this. Looks like one of the libraries we use within the app (suspect Mapbox) is sneaking in a requirement for ‘Hardware GPS’.

We will look to lift this requirement via a future update. For now, please continue to side load the app by downloading the apk here -


Interesting because the Amazon Fire that I’m using does not have GPS but I was able to install from the PlayStore (which had to be side loaded on).
On the other hand, my Digiland 7 inch tablet which appears to have GPS (no Internet but seems to know where it is) won’t even show goTenna in the PlayStore but I was able to side load without issue.