What happens when a message does not get delivered?

When sending a message to a user that is out of range (delivery unconfirmed) using gotenna mesh:

  • Is the message sent again automatically when a new node is detected?
  • Is there an option to fallback to SMS automatically for all messages?
  • If no other node is available which can connect to the internet and send the SMS, will gotenna retry automatically?

The main idea is if I can send a message and in case it doesn’t get delivered, do I have to be checking every 5 minutes or can I just forget about it knowing that it will automatically try to send the message as soon as it can.



Your goTenna app automatically tries to send/deliver the message twice before offering a delivery unconfirmed notification. After you receive this notification, you’ll have to manually retry sending the message.

You will have to manually retry sending your message via SMS network relay.

You can ask the app to retry sending the message at any time.

goTenna Mesh and the app have been designed to minimize battery/power use. Thus we are able to deliver upto 24 hours on a single charge with a device that weighs less than an Apple Watch. Automatically retrying message delivery, can impact your battery life as well as those around you (due to Meshing).
Hence we focussed on making it extremely easy for users to retry sending messages. Plus due to environmental factors that affect RF performance, you may have a better chance of getting your message delivered if you retry from a higher elevation, achieve better line of sight etc.

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Thanks for the quick reply. It makes sense that hardware constraints impact these features. I also agree that a small form factor and battery life are probably more important for general user adoption.

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Glad you concur. As our Mesh protocol improves (we are working hard on this), we will revisit this approach.

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How long is the time between first (failed) attempt and the retry?

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Around 5 seconds.
All of this is handled in the background.

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Hi: I am new , when I send in shout one no problem receiving on each cell (No sim card) when send in personal chat never go or Delivery unconfirmed. phone and gotenna antennas are in the same table as test. why can not send?