Wearable notification devices

Anyone have experience with pairing goTenna and a smartphone with a wearable notification device, like Ditto (https://dittowearable.com), which appears to be no longer available?

I’m considering using goTenna for event management communication, but I fear the built-in smartphone notifications will not be enough for critical, time-sensitive communications.

Didn’t know about this, but it’s exactly what I need. Missed a message just this week where this might have notified me in timely fashion instead.

My fitbit app does forward messages to my Ionic which then buzzes on my wrist. But that feature doesn’t seem to work 100% of the time and I have only tested it with WhatsApp.

Most wearable Smart watches will work with the notification from GoTenna as long as your Smart Watch can receive messages from the phone. To help with notifications, I turn my ringer all the way up on my phone to make sure I hear it.