Smart watch integration

Does anyone know of a smart watch with no sim and no phone link that links to GTM?

There are lot of watches running Android with BTLE. I wouldn’t worry about the Sim. You can just not put one in if you don’t want it. The main issue is creating a Gotenna app that will run on an Android watch. I don’t know if the SDK supports that screen size or Android Wear. There may be some other technicalities to work out as well I haven’t thought of.

I have been thinking down similar lines as you but my real interest is and always was the USB SDK although I spent a lot of time with the Android SDK.

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A stand-alone Apple Watch app would be awesome!

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Right! Good way to give kids the ability to text with no internet. Phone bolted to their arm and gotenna on their backpack.


Smart watch app would be awesome if it could work as a standalone app without needing a phone to connect to.
This would open up a lot of new use cases for the GoTenna devices. You would thing GoTenna would welcome anything that would get there devices into more consumers hands.

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