Traffic monitor

I would like the ability to take advantage of low traffic periods to send low priority data. In order to do this the SDK would need to be able to tell us when traffic was low. This might include things like weather data or a document. Currently to do this I would need to estimate peak hours but that isn’t efficient.

Might you consider including a way to either let us access network traffic conditions or a way to simply assign a low priority flag to a message so we can utilize unused bandwidth for low priority data?


@giqcass assigning flags to prioritize network traffic will have to be handled at the protocol level - hence not very straight forward. We are considering this for Aspen Grove 2.0.
Emergency messages will greatly benefit with having a high priority flag.


Thanks, I wasn’t sure if that was something the protocol had implemented yet. I will keep my eyes peeled for that update and until then I will continue to focus elsewhere. I’m glad this is at least on the table.

Hope you had a nice holiday!

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