Stationary relay node update suggestion

@kerrydh08 thank you for your detailed feedback.
I think we can make this work by having individual device profiles within the app (similar to your idea of ‘Relay devices’). A user can select which device to connect to. Once paired, he/she can ping other devices that they own to check status/health.


I suspect relay mode does not survive a power failure currently. That would be important for stationary nodes.

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Agreed. In addition, stationary relay nodes need to be returned to their previous state after a battery drain.


Let’s also not forget my suggestion of adding a “ping” option for the shout mode: “Ping” for “Shout”

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It would be nice to be able to connect to your Relay devices, to check battery status. I am going to be mounting one on the roof along with a solar panel, and other than going back on the roof I have no way of knowing the status. Is the device still powered, has it been getting enough power to maintain a charge.