Shark Fin Gotenna Case

I’m playing around with the idea to have a case on the roof rack of a my car that stores a GTM. Since it has to be easy accessible it can’t be permanently enclosed. I came across generic shark fin style antennas that sell for around $6 on Ebay. The quality isn’t great, but a generous amount of truck bed liner spray adds enough thickness. The antenna part is just tacked in with hot glue. I got it out within seconds using a hair dryer. I haven’t figured out a way to mount the GTM inside yet. My idea is to build a base so the shark fin can just snap on top. This is what I got so far.



Nice find! That looks promising.


If the GTM device will be installed horizontally, then you’ll take something of a hit due to the polarization difference for using it the old school upright position. The fractal antenna may solve some of this. No way to really tell without experimenting with it.

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Thanks for the input. I’m not planing to use the antenna that came with the shark fin. I’m not qualified enough to tamper with the device. My idea I have in mind is a drop in solution. I want it mounted to a roof rack, so there is a little space below I can use. I just saw somebody designed a dome cradle on thingiverse. Same thing with a shark fin would be great. Time to do some sketches.

I guess I can stop working on this. Just found the post on this, which is brilliant.

Yeah, that 3D print thing may work. Seems to still be a work in progress, though, so I wouldn’t count on it until someone prints one and reports back what worked and did not work. The other rail-mounted one did seem effective (but I don’t have anything to mount it to on our truck. All of these are pretty sleek compared to my pickle jar.


I’ll check that out. I’m in fovor of a drop in solution. I wouldn’t use it for daily driving. But having an extra personal node when a car is parked, off-road use, or for camping, could be useful.

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