Self Updating Network

Hey, I just recently updated a few of my goTennas and it felt like it took forever. It got me thinking about how to possibly make it better so I looked here for a post about talk on a self distributing update network.

I think it would make it much easier to update the goTennas if there was a version check at startup and then it asked surrounding goTennas for their version and would download from the closest signal and update itself once downloaded. (Only one check at startup to conserve battery)

Similar to Microsoft’s Delivery Optimization as far as distribution of the update is concerned.

This update, although lengthy and somewhat troublesome for a few, has put into place a system to facilitate future updates. I don’t think it’s fully implemented yet, as there are some stationary relay node features in the pipeline that are likely related to these general firmware updates still to come. I think the approach is through Bluetooth, so it will be more limited in range than on the GTM’s primary radio freqs will allow. Not quite self-distributing, but with over-the-air bandwidth being limited that’s probably the best approach.