SDK Idea: Wide-range Recoil Game

If you haven’t heard of Recoil, check out This is a modern, app-enabled laser tag.

Your phone pairs to your gun, and all the players connect their phones to a wifi base station, which acts as the game server.

My idea is to eliminate that base station. Instead, the “game host” (or even a spare dedicated phone) is the game server and all messages are sent via the goTenna network.

(@Rahul_Subramany if you want to think about 3rd-party integrations? If my phone is already talking to the gun, over bluetooth, wouldn’t a built-in gotenna radio sound about perfect? :wink: )

Stuff required to make this work:

  • Knowing how to Android. (You don’t want me coding for mobile devices.)
  • Figuring out how the game server-y bits work. (This is totally my bag, :baby:. )

@akraut awesome idea!

This would be perfect. To keep things easy, you could have the phone talk to the gun and goTenna Mesh at the same time (no need for any custom integration).
@akraut if you own a gun, can you try using the gun and goTenna Mesh at the same time?

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Wanted to chime in and cosign that this is an absolutely AWESOME idea, @akraut!!!

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I can confirm that the phone can talk to both at the same time. Both use BTLE for communications.