Range testing in dense suburban FL

Hi all. Just to give share some test info: I stuck a mesh on a pole up at 15 feet in dense suburban FL and was able to hit 1.5 miles range to ground level at various points around town. I’m guessing it would be pretty easy to double that distance with both mesh units at 15 feet, my next test. I also have a 30’ tower at some point I’ll test with.

It was helpful to not be hiding behind buildings of course to make things more line-of-sight, obviously.

I know it’s not as impressive as what others are getting here but this was done by taping two spare pieces of pvc pipe together I had and propping it against the house. Took 5 minutes to setup. I figure this is a pretty real-world use case.

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@Mr.BOBB thanks for sharing. Have you tried to Mesh & further extend range?


very cool and seems about what you would expect. I can regularly get about 2000 feet with the laziest usage i.e. not elevated, not especially advantageous aiming, etc in northern Brooklyn - dense but not full urban canyon.

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Haven’t meshed yet, since we only have 2 units but we will be getting more in a few weeks to get the range extended. Now that I have a good reference point for simplex (point-to-point) operation in this area it will give me a better way to layout covering the town.

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