Mesh 5.0 is here!


You may be right, as I think I have just one account but it’s not Google. I think the first two may be on just one account (I just can’t remember) and I may have signed up with a different email addresse on the 3rd one I use as a test device . Avoiding that and using just one address for all might be what you need to do to get all covered by just one payment. In which case, it’s an even better deal!


@aspexin, @MikeL great info, thank you…if you can cover it all with one account, that’s an awesome deal.


Hello! I managed to remove from the DFU and finalize the update of one of the device on iPhone 6. But when I tried to update the firmware with another black strap, I received an error message and now the manager doesn’t see the Bluetooth manager, even with the DFU status. What should I do?


When turned on, the device flashes slowly and then quickly and often, but the manager of the bluetooth does not see it.


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Hello all!

I could not removed one mesh from DFU ((
The only feature I see is activation of bluetooth for 3-4 seconds after turning on a device with the name DFUTarg.
Eh if support could helped with remote installation via usb.
As a result, of two meshes I lost one through software update.
It is sad…

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