Mesh 5.0 is here!


What I should install on my android phone to check the device? any usb console with OTG or with arduino support? Can you send a link to the right one from the Google Market for install application?


Sorry, can’t really help you with the apps. I use a small Linux laptop. :slight_smile:




see above information that the console displays when the device is connected


What’s this about a 6 hop limitation? That doesn’t seem like a “plus” feature and i don’t see it listed on this page:

If i had seen it i would not have ordered 4 about an hour ago, and I’m seriously considering canceling the order.


Six hops is the current limit for all goTenna Meshes. It’s not listed in the Plus features, because it applies to all GTMs.


How to remove the device from the DFU mode? What other ways are there? Unfortunately, the support cannot help me (To be honest, I expected more …


Thanks, Mike. After a little more reading I think I understand now.

Currently the 6 hop capability is BETA and available to all goTenna mesh users on firmware 5.0, and once 5.1 is rolled out only Plus subscribers will have 6 hop capability.

So when the SHTF zombie apocalypse occurs and the grid goes down I will not be able to communicate directly with family/loved ones who are more than 3 hops away because I didn’t subscribe to the Plus service. My device’s network hopping capability will be artificially limited in a local mesh network deployed and supported 100% by local users of these devices. A network that almost certainly costs goTenna nothing to support and maintain.

Is that correct?


My understanding is that’s old news. Everyone got what they paid for, 3 hops. Then there was the upgrade of Plus to add 3 more hops to it after a trial period when it was added free temporarily to everyone. Then it was decided to just go with 6 hops all around. Documentation is still catching up. If you haven’t noticed that, then maybe you had no real current need for 6 hops, but it should be there for you - and any zombies who also have GoTenna Mesh.


That nice to hear, hopefully it’s true.



Currently, Mesh 5.0 is limited to 6 hops for all mesh users. This is intended for beta testing and when we do roll out to 5.1, it will become a plus feature. For most use cases, especially for the 4 pack of GTMs, 3 hops is enough to communicate.

I hope this helps!

goTenna Support


Thanks for the needed clarification, Nate.


Nate & MikeL,

I discovered goTenna recently through my interest in Bitcoin. While reading about Samourai Wallet I stumbled upon TxTenna, which lead me to where all the free and Plus features are listed. I didn’t read anything about hop limitations, but on the Plus Service page I did read “Please note we will never charge for any of the features in the free version of the goTenna app.” My decision to buy 4 yesterday, to help build a local mesh network, was based on this information. After the purchase I stumbled on the details of this thread.

I wonder how many people purchased goTennas over the past 6 months to help build local mesh networks in their area. I wonder how many are aware the functionality which they may be testing for communication in a possible grid down situation are aware a future update may well break the functionality they are planning to depend on.

Those users who don’t read message boards and app version histories are used to 6 hop functionality and probably assume it’s part of the deal and they’ll never be charged for what they aren’t paying for. Whoops… the documentation just hasn’t caught up.

I suppose the good news is it’s not too late to reverse what sounds like a questionable and border-line deceptive decision made by the bean counters.



We understand and hear your frustrations. Please refer to the 5.0 notes and this thread for the 6 hops clarification.

If you’d like, send me an email to and we can schedule a phone call to ensure that there are no confusions.



Good luck goTenna, I’m returning my devices today.

Build your own network then charge subscription fees!


since we’re on the topic of the pricing for Plus, is it per-device? or tied to google/itnes accounts?

in my case, i have 4 devices, and 3 users; 2 of the 4 are tied to (my) 2 android devices, both under the same google login; the other two Mesh are for my other half and the kiddo, on their accounts. $10/mo for all 4 would be a steal; if it’s by google/itunes account, that’s going to work out more like $30/mo.


It’s per device, but it’s also per YEAR, so $30/annually if you have three devices.


Thanks for the clarification.:+1:


I do not believe that is correct. I believe it is per user (in my case a gmail account). I have 4 gotennas connected to my gmail account (3 gotennas are connected to old Android phones on my gmail account + one gotenna attached to my active mobile Android phone) and all four show that Plus is enabled and active (I subscribe to plus). The 3 gotennas on old android phones are in essence stationary relays but attached to an old android phone because I want to be able to ping them for range testing.