iOS sdk and location

I have been experimenting with the sdk using objective c and have both one to one messages and shouts working great except that if the message includes a location or a location request, the message is not passed through to my code.
Am I missing something or is this something that is not supported in the current release of the sdk?
Thank you.


@Pete94 our developers are looking into this. Will share an update shortly.

Hi Rahul,
I have done a bit more digging and the “HelloGoTenna” sample has the same problem, in MessengerManager.m, the code:

GTBaseMessageData *(^buildMessageBlock)(NSArray<TLVSection *> *, NSNumber *senderGID) = [self messageDeserializationDictionary][messageData.messageType];

Returns an object when it receives a message without a location attached - if a location, or location request is included in the message the above code returns null.

A ping request also returns null for the above code.

Other messages do create an object and therefore drop through to the message handler.

Hope this helps.

On a separate note, I have four devices and two of them have the same serial number - AA12341234 - is this OK?

Thank you.

@Pete94 our developers have not had a chance to dig into this yet. Thanks for sharing additional details. From what you shared, this definitely looks like a bug.

We found an error in the serialization process used by our contract manufacturer that caused some units to be assigned a default serial #. This issue has been fixed.
Your devices are 100% functional.

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