Introducing Mesh Community Badges!


To date, there have been more than 1,300 posts on Mesh Community — nice work!

This forum is for all of you to connect with fellow meshers and help build the future of decentralized communication. With that in mind, we’re excited to introduce Mesh Community badges, a fun way for us to recognize Meshers that go the extra mile.

Take a look at these badges, and you’ll see a brief description of each badge and learn how to earn them.

Where are badges displayed?

You can see all the badges a person has been awarded by clicking on their username. Their badges will be displayed underneath their avatar.

How to submit a request for a missing badge?

If you believe you’re eligible for a badge, but don’t see it on your profile, please send me a direct message! :slight_smile:


Very well-deserved @gua742 and @dbfish!


Congrats @akraut @giqcass for earning the ‘Non-Staff Expert’ badge.
Your great work here in Mesh Community is much appreciated.


THANK YOU! It’s been one heck of a ride! Is there a badge I don’t have?


Yes thanks for the recognition! I’ve learned so much from question I never thought to ask myself.


@Rahul_Subramany An idea for your SHTF badge… It says it is for professionals (e.g., military, fire/ems/rescue, police, etc.). Have you thought of having a parallel badge for folks who volunteer in a similar capacity? My town offers a volunteer program for first responders as well as a volunteer police academy. Team Rubicon puts together volunteer teams (esp. veterans) to do disaster relief. There are probably other organizations that offer similar “certification” programs for volunteers for various kinds of SHTF services. I have a friend whose church sends out teams of certified volunteers on disaster relief mission trips – I was thinking that pairing up the concept of church-sponsored relief missions (local, national, AND global) with goTenna would be a worthy match, plus it is an illustration of the volunteer version of the professional SHTF service.

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Thanks @henry_sheard for the feedback. We will consider this, when we update badges.

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