India / Nepal - Trying to understand Geographic Restrictions

I came across the GoTenna group recently as I was looking for alternative communication options in these countries while on travel later this year. From my research the goTenna can only be used in specific European countries and North America due to frequency allocations? Based on your location does the device automatically deactivate if not in one of these countries? Trying to determine if it would work in India and/or Nepal for upcoming travel, where this would be an excellent solution for a small group.


When it’s not in one of the nations it is programmed for officially, the goTenna Mesh defaults to its North American bandplan.

As for the legality of operating it, you’re on your own in jurisdictions outside the 40 or so officially operating countries.

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Understand, thanks. Is there a list of official countries? I looked around but could not find this list. I had read from other users the device was deactivated if not operated within one of these official countries, however it sounds like this is not the case.

The list is in the FAQ, under the first heading, “How it works” as “What countries are supported?”

AFAIK, your goTenna Mesh will operate in any country.

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Thanks, missed that.