GoTenna Works in Bangladesh?

Hey guys had a question since I’m a bit confused and unsure as to whether my GoTenna Mesh will possibly work in Bangladesh as I’ll be visiting there shortly and would like to use it over there

Hi Rahid,
Bangladesh isn’t listed as one of the countries in the Faq where the goTenna Mesh is listed as “…will auto-tune to RF frequencies that are legal for use…”

So it’s not legal to use there. However, the free online maps you get access to are said to “cover any location in the world.”

It’s possible they could be confiscated when you pass through customs there since they aren’t technically approved for use there. Then again, they may not even know what it is. So my best guess is that it’s up to you to decide whether you want to take the risks associated with taking it there, but it should work.

Bangladesh is in ITU Region 3, which has no ISM spectrum in the frequency range that goTenna works in. They could cause interference with cellular or other networks, depending on what radio equipment is in Bangladesh.


That would not be good at all.

It’s also a reminder that one had better take care with doing thorough due diligence if one is considering operating the GTM outside of jurisdictions not specifically listed

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goTenna Mesh will literally/technologically work anywhere on the planet — but is not licensed for use in Bangladesh as mentioned here already. You’ll probably be fine if you’re using it in rural areas where you can likely expect little interference from other devices.

It’s unlikely the devices will be confiscated by customs — I’ve traveled with mine all over the world with no issues — but I’ve never taken them to Bangladesh specifically. :wink:


Perfect thanks a bunch for the help!


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