IDEA: Mesh 2.0 Concept


I appreciate the response time on twitter! My name is Casey McLaughlin, CEO of, a web hosting company located in Orlando, Florida that is currently in a project stage. For the time being, I’m also a full-time employee for the server farm that houses my servers for my business.

I have been following Gotenna since it was on Kick Starter. I’m sad to say that I haven’t purchased your product yet, but I have been watching your company rather closely and will be a customer very soon.

When your first product came out, I stopped myself from purchasing with the mind set a private internal network was needed to be created some how. A little further down the road I quickly noticed Gotenna already had that in their eyes as well with GoTenna Mesh. As I sit here waiting for Hurricane Irma to hit my home I thought to myself, why haven’t I still purchased one of these devices?

Now that we are all on the same page that this was needed fixing a long time ago, I have another concept idea I have for Gotenna; there should be a box the same size you would find a Roku or Apple TV. All four corners should be a suction cup with the remainder of the bottom as a solar panel. Inside the box would be the Gotenna brains you would find within a Gotenna Mesh but possibly with a larger antenna similar to the Gotenna Pro. This device would not be required to connect to a device and would only serve as a “repeater” for the Mesh Network.

Upon setup, the business who owns the device could put in their address and business information, and it would then pop up on the GPS Map (Advertisement Concept). This advertisement concept might be what we need for companies to jump on board quickly. Can you imagine waking up to a city that is full of businesses housing these box’s and making the Mesh Network expand and not fully rely on several mobile meshes but instead working with the “GoTenna Micro-Towers.” These towers can be in several sizes such as Store Front Sizes, RV/Car/Truck/Semi-Truck sizes, even planes.

You may be asking, why the solar panel idea? Imagine the box suction cupped to the window out of reach of customers; this would allow sun light to keep the device charged and not rely on a power socket. Not to mention up against the window might assist with the range the device could cover. You could even have a LED Logo on both window side and non-window side to illuminate the GoTenna Logo for advertisement. With the device not relying on a power plug will keep the mindset of GoTenna within the product which is being able to communicate without power or in a disaster, etc.

I want to reach out because I would love to see this a reality and while sitting here waiting for Hurricane Irma, I can’t help but think to myself, if only this were already in several businesses, homes, RV’s, etc. When the power does go out for millions this weekend, we could still communicate. I have more ideas for the product which I’m sure your team does as well. Would love to work with your company to make my thoughts, and your’s a reality.


Casey McLaughlin


Casey, welcome and some of us are already testing out stand alone repeater setups! See this project: Project MOAN: Mother of All Nodes

Gotenna is focused on shipping and improving Mesh right now but they have hinted at a “base station” unit down the road.


@CaseyMcLovin thank you for sharing your thoughts. Great idea!
We are working on plans to integrate with the goTenna app. This will allow nodes such as the one you are suggesting to be populated on, validate the status of the node etc.
Regarding base stations or relay units attached to solar panels, I strongly encourage you to try building one yourself. Here is another thread you can follow - 24/7 meshed towns/Dedicated relays

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@CaseyMcLovin Keep the ideas coming! We definitely want to create a base station version of goTenna Mesh (solar-powered and with bigger battery & antenna!); maybe also a really low-cost, almost button/tag-sized (perhaps lower-range as a result) IoT/repeater module as well.


I wish y’all had a developer hardware kit we could purchase and play around with prototypes. I sit here with gernerator power and 2 bar LTE internet from my phone. What better mind set to come up with gotenna concepts.

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We plan on releasing a hardware SDK at some point!

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