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How to add my node to the LAN

How do I add my Node to the local area Mesh Network?


Thanks. Customer service answered my question. The Node map has a plus button of on the top right of the screen. Should of looked harder… Thanks


Welcome to the mesh. :smiley: Yeah that + sign got me at first, too.

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But it’s deceiving too, right? I expected that that “imeshyou” map shows which devices are online. So you can conduct tests to see if those online devices will extend your reach.

Before I knew this about that map, I was looking at it, thinking “oh, there are devices in my neighborhood”. So I tried a test where I left one device with my son at home, and I drove off to try sending successive test messages to him as a drove farther away.

Tests failed after I got about one mile away. I then learned that there is no way of knowing which of the devices on that map are actually online! ???

So it’s a map that simply shows where the users are that have registered devices at some point – but the map doesn’t say anything about which device is online.

What do you think about the benefits of that map?

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